Super Good...
  •  We Use Low Sugar Recipes Because Less   Sugar Means More Flavor!
  •  All Alaska Grown Fruit!
  •  No GMO's!

  •   All Natural Pest Control Methods!
  •   We Keep It Simple -Just Fruit, Cane Sugar,           Lemon Juice & Pectin

Open a jar...Let out a smile;)TM

That's me there on the right...Set up at the Alaska State Fair Farmers Market. Besides jams and honey, I also make a Savory Currant Sauce, gummy-like candy (think Cotlets), ice cream toppings, and sell a good amount of fresh fruit... Red and black currants, strawberries, apples, sour cherries, honey berries (haskaps), saskatoon berries, and rhubarb.

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