It's hard to believe seven years have rolled by already! I've learned so much about farming these past years, it still amazes me how much work farming is. I will never take my food for granted! Farming is lot's of time, challenges, and dedication but all in all it's my passion now and always will be. I will continue to nurture and grow my plants with all the care I can, knowing that I am producing high quality food for people to enjoy. 
     I have been blessed with amazing neighbors, who have given me such good advice and taught me so much. Without the Okesons and VanderWeeles my small little dream never would've become a reality. I'm so thankful for all their support and knowledge they have shared with me.
     My family has had such a big impact on my dream. Without their unending patience and support they have given me throughout the years this  farm would've never taken off. I'm so amazingly blessed to have them with me throughout this journy.
     A huge thank you to all my customers. Your kind and encouraging words have helped motivate me through the rough patches. 

     My small "Patch" has expanded to over 200 red current bushes, 50 black current bushes, 130 rhubarb plants, 50 saskatoon berries, 30 honey (haskap) berries, 20 cherry bushes, and 42 apple trees. This year I plan to add red rasberries.
     If you're ever interested in an amazing farm tour that includes my operation, check out Alaska Farm Tours,  http://www.alaskafarmtours.com . I might even end up being your guide!