Current Product List

Strawberry Jam

4 ounce ..... $5.00          Lots of "fresh Picked" flavor with big                                          chunks of berries!

8 ounce ..... $9.00

Red Raspberry Jam

4 ounce ..... $5.00           A classic... even better flavor                                                      with less sugar.

8 ounce ..... $9.00

Red Currant Hot Pepper Jam NEW!

4 ounce ..... $6.00          Not for wimps!

8 ounce ..... $10.00

Mixed Berry Jam         Always a customer favorite.

4 ounce ..... $5.00        

8 ounce ..... $9.00

Red Currant Fruit Glaze   New!

4 ounce ..... $5.00            Give your fruit tarts a professional                                            finish.
8 ounce ..... $9.00


Savory Red Currant Sauce

15 ounce .... $ 15.00    

Our red currants and honey, local organic onions from Stockwell Farm, vinegar, cane sugar and a delicious mix of holiday spices... makes a true cullinary experience! 

We love it on chicken and pork, but try it on fish and other wild game, hamburgers, fries and even salad.

This is our version of Highbush cranberry ketchup modified by Alex Papasava, owner and chef at Turkey Red in downtown Palmer.

You won't be disappointed!

Strawberry Ice Cream Topping

15 ounce .... $ 15.00  

Same recipe as our strawberry jam only we use a syrup pectin for a softer set. Not near as sweet as most store bought versions.